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Val Ojeda, Editor and Publisher

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We are a news publication. We promote Republican Conservative ideals. We report on current events and public policy in the governmental a political theater. Our columns promote our conservative ideologies. We also promote local candidates and elected officials that take a stand for the Constitution, free speech and the 2nd Amendment.

Unfortunately, in today's society, real news is limited to what big tech corporate media wants to be reported to fit their liberal agenda. They will never report on the positives that Republicans are doing. Only reporting false narratives to place conservatives in a poor light. They fail to announce Republican candidate's campaign announcements or press releases. They will never even offer a contender or candidate profile to offer the voter a chance to know more about them.

The Illinois Republican was established by published authors and political consultants. Our reader list is now up to over just 1.1 million using outside resources acquired from data from active voter profiles. It works like this:

In the course of compiling voter data, voter names, addresses, phone numbers and E-mail information were obtained through systems such as L2 or I360. This data was then loaded by CSV file into our E-mail lists that we use with E-mail delivery services that we use including this publication. Any of our stories that are published are sent directly to subscribers' E-mail and also are published on social media. We also get new subscriptions everyday through this publication and our other E-mail services.

With the current elections, we would like to support conservative candidates by offering them a candidate profile. To write a story promoting their campaign. To get out their story and their public policy points.

If you are interested, please include your personal information such as your name, phone number, website, and E-mail. (Your number will be confidential unless it's a campaign number) Include your bio and public policy points. Explain why you are running for office and what you are going to do when you are elected. Please attach a photo and send it to the E-mail above.

Let us help you promote your campaign with our large audience in Illinois. A hyperlink to your website will be included for endorsements and donations to your campaign.

We are currently a FREE subscription for readers. In the fall of 2023 we will consider voluntary beginning paid subscriptions if you would like to support us.

If you are an advertiser and would like to reach our audience we will be contracting for paid advertisements and video commercials to promote your business and product. In the fall we will add a paid advertisement page to set up your marketing with us at a low cost.

We are currently doing limited advertising to help local businesses that support conservative candidates. We are currently self funded but have received donations from conservative supporter's.

Thank you!