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Video: Desantis Polls Drop After Announcement

Desantis support plunges

Our opinion poll drafted here at The Illinois Republican from May 25 to May 28 shows President Trump at 69% to Ron Desantis at 15%. Other candidates are in the low digits. Some recieved zero support.

Desantis actually lost support of the rank and file Republicans and the hard core MAGA supporters but lost that support because they felt he abandoned Trump and became establishment when it was revieled the Bush family was financing and managing his campaign.

He even stated publicly “I'm beholden to my billionaire donors"

At 44 years old Desantis had plenty of time to run for President, instead he is coming after the very person that made him giving him an endorsement for Florida Governor.

Trends on social media for the Florida Governor are a ghost town including support Desantis pages meanwhile there are thousands of pro Trump pages with minority coalitions for him including tens of thousands of postings supporting him.

Can this be the end of what was a promising career. Ask Ted Cruz and others that challenged Trump in the past. The most powerful GOP Governor's and Senators know better to challenge him for President.

The only winning move for them is not to play.…

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