Video: Immigrant Invasion Threaten American Lives

Title 42 ends and the border is wide open

In this video an illegal immigrant in El Paso, makes a threat to use force on American citizens to influence their opinions of immigration.

By the end of the year4.4 million illegal aliens will enter the United States after Title 42 expired. That's 20,000 a day. These are people coming in from 47 different countries including China and Syria.

1.5 million of them will enter the Chicago market by Christmas stealing jobs, benefits, healthcare, housing, entitlements and raising crime rates with the introduction of freedom prisoners from Central America many being MS 13 gangmembers.

Also, human trafficking of underage prostitutes will increase 500%.

The biggest threat is infectious diseases.

Finally, the increase drug flow will grow 1,000 times. The biggest threat being fentanyl a drug 200 times more stronger than heroin and cocaine together.

It's time to close the border to save American lives.

The Illinois Republican