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Video: Speaker Kevin McCarthy Sells Out To Support The Raising Of The Debt Ceiling.

June 1st is the last to produce a deal that can avoid a government shutdown.

May 31, 2023

The Illinois Republican

House Speaker Kevin McCarty betrays the Republican Party by supporting Joe Biden and the House Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. This bill when passed, will bankrupt the United States devaluing the America dollar and losing our credit rating, leaving us without the ability to borrow.

This bill also provides funding for up to 4.5 million illegal aliens, but zero funding for border security. It also provides funding for the proxy war in Ukraine with more money for defense contractors in anticipation for a war with China. This defense build up will provide funding for more aircraft and up to 50 blue water Navy Destroyers and Frigates for a Pacific defense against Chinese aggression.

The Freedom Caucus is up in arms because the passing of this bill would create practically a 6th branch of the military. Biden and Democrat House members want to hire 87,000 IRS agents which can be used as an Army to collect banned weapons or if an outright gun ban is produced by a Biden Executive Order. These agents can go to door collecting your guns. Canada is already doing it.

They have yet to close the deal.

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